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The Refurbishing Process

It is our mission here at Wyn Medical to provide our clients with the highest quality medical equipment at unbeatable prices. All of our equipment is scrupulously evaluated by our highly trained service engineers to meet  the needs of your clinic, so you can meet the needs of your patients. The following procedures are completed in our in depth evaluation of each and every C-Arm:

  • Remove all cover panels

  • Remove all boards and inspect for damages and wear including burned or brown spots

  • All boards are replaced as necessary

  • Inspect high voltage cables for cuts, arching, and bad connections and replaced if necessary

  • All Casters & Locks inspected and repaired/ replaced as needed

  • Inspect X-Ray Tube, recalibrate or replace if necessary

  • Inspect Image Intensifier in all tri modes

  • Image Intensifier recalibrated & replaced if needed

  • Electrical Motors inspected, calibrated & lubricated where needed

  • CCD Camera is inspected, calibrated, and replaced if needed

  • All Casters & Locks are inspected & repaired/ replaced as needed

  • Lubricate all bearings

  • All areas needing lubrication are re-lubricated.

  • Inspect CRT’s/ Monitors for burn-in or poor resolution, to include the power supplies if and as needed

  • Inspect all knobs and buttons – set to be functioning according to manufacturer specifications

  • Inspect all motor drives, i.e. - tilt, up/down, in/out, etc.

  • Complete electrical safety check

  • Inspect umbilical cable from monitor cart to C-arm for broken wires and missing pins- replace if necessary

  • Prime, sand and re-paint complete system

  • Systems/equipment are brought to manufacturer specifications

  • Complete service report comes with each machine, as well as an FDA report of assembly

For any questions about the refurbishment process of our C-arms, or if you want to know more about the refurbishment process of our surgical and imaging tables or Radiofrequency machines, contact us here.

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