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Radiation Equipment

Radiation Shield

Mobile radiation shields are used to  reduce the amount of harmful scatter radiation that reaches you, the physician.

 All of our shields are manufactured with: • Medical grade stainless steel • 0.5mm lead equivalency • Wide flat base with wheels • Handle at middle of base • Rounded edges

Protech Lead Aprons

Our PROTECH aprons offer several choices for protection, color, and style to meet the needs of your clinic.

Protection Options

  • Prolite Supreme: This lead-free option is environmentally safe and offers the same protection as 0.50mm Pb at 100kVp.

  • T-Lite: Our lightest lead-containing compound. It offers the same protection as 0.50mm Pb at 100kVp.

  • Standard Lead: This economical choice is our traditional lead apron. Equivalent to 0.50mm Pb at 100kVp.


  • Surgical Drop-Off Apron- Can be removed quickly without breaking the sterile field. Shoulder pads and hanging straps are standard.

  • Flexback Apron- The crisscrossing back panels lift weight off the shoulders and support the lower back for additional comfort. Extra thick shoulder pads and check pocket standard.

  • Back Relief Apron- Designed to transfer the weight from the should to the hips with the aid of a 6" wide elastic belt, which is available in various sizes. Extra thick shoulder pads, chest pocket, and should strap standard.

  • Vest-Skirt Combination- Consists of a comfortable two-piece design which shifts 70% of the weight from the shoulders to the hips, reducing back fatigue, and also provides for sitting, kneeling, or bending.  Skirt features no-slip, quick release belt. Vest includes double padded shoulders and chest pocket.

  • Buckle Apron- This quick release option is user friendly, with large support straps crisscrossing the back, allowing for proper placement of the belt at the waist. Should pads and chest pocket standard.

  • Wrap Around Back Relief- Provides front and back protection and a Velcro breakaway side seam for the freedom of movement. It transfers the weight from the shoulder to the waist with the aid of a 6" wide elastic belt. Belts may be ordered in various sizes. Extra thick shoulder pads and chest pocket standard.

For more information, click here, or contact one of ours sales associates.

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