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Radiofrequency Generators

NT2000 RF Generator

This newest model follows the tradition of providing reliable, safe, and effective radiofrequency technology for specialist pain physicians. The generator offers a new sleek design, with reliable software driven technology that includes:

  • 4 independent lesion capability

  • Wireless remote functionality

  • Dediciated Simplicity II single cable output

  • Full touch screen operation, and improved interface

  • Patient and Physician record keeping options

NT1100 RF Generator

The NT1100 was the first multi-lesion RF generator to market. This advanced generator offers a sophisticated design; user friendly software based operation, and is compatible with the advanced technologies designed specifically for NeuroTherm Machines; including Pulsed Dose, Simplicity III, and Diskit II. This software based generator set the standard for innovation, efficiency and safety. 

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